2024 Wahpekute Winter Conclave Recap

On January 13th-14th, Wahpekute Lodge held their Annual Winter Conclave. A weekend packed with exciting things to do and fellowship to be had, it was a great success.


The Winter Conclave starts where it should, the local Pizza Ranch. Every year Wahpekute Lodge members start the night with a feast, eating as many plates of food as they can. This years crew of 55 Arrowmen broke the previous record, and set a new one by over 215 plates of Pizza Ranch. 


Once the time at Pizza Ranch is over, its right over to see the Mankato State Mavericks hockey game. The game against Ferris State was a blowout win with the Mavericks winning 4-0. 


After the Mavericks victory, it was back to the Lake Crystal Community Center. Next on the agenda was the Lodge Executive Committee meeting and a NOAC Contingent meeting. Choosing a wonderful patch for the Contingent to trade with at NOAC and promoting various events in the coming months.


Once the business was over, it was fellowship all night. Various sports such as basketball, pickleball, and swimming were available to everyone. Many Arrowmen chose to play different board games or card games. Needless to say, the night was a blast and one to remember.