Section History

Section G11 was formed in Dec 28, 2021 following the work completed by the Magellan Project. Our first conclave as G11 was in October 2022 at Camp Ripley, hosted by Naguonabe Lodge. Section G11 maintained the same lodges / borders as Section C-1A. 


Section C-1A formed in 1997 as Section C1 was split into two Section (C-1A and C-1B). Section C-1B initially had the below Lodges as part of the Section

Tonkawampus 16
Pa-Hin 27
Wahpekute 53
Tetonwana 105
Sac-N-Fox 108 (from C-7)
Miniconjou 438 (from C-7)
Mitigwa 450 (from C-7

In 2004, the Central Region Sections were realigned. C-1A Lodge after this realignment consisted of

Section C-1A
Tonkawampus 16
Pa-Hin 27
Wahpekute 53
Tetonwana 105
Naguonabe 31 (from C-1B)
Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan 196 (from C-1B)
Two Lodges moved to the new C-1C
Sac-N-Fox 108
Mitigwa 450

Miniconjou merged with another Lodge

In 2005, the merger of Viking (Tonkawampus 16) and IndianHead (Agaming 257) Councils created a new Lodge — Totanhan Nakaha. Tontanhan Nakaha joined C-1A

In 2018, Crazy Horse Lodge 171 joined Section C-1A

Totanhan Nakaha 16
Naguonabe 31
Wahpekute 53
Tetonwana 105
Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan 196
Crazy Horse 171 (from W-2N)
2023WahpekuteCuyuna Scout CampChopping Through Cuyuna
2022NaguonabeCamp Ripley National GuardGuardians of the Gateway
2021TetonwanaMidwest Bible CampSettlers of Watertown
2020Totanhan Nakata
before going virtual
VirtualUrban Invasion
2019Ka’Niss Ma’InganNorthern TierAdventure is out There
2018Pa-HinCamp WildernessC1A (CIA)
2017WahpekuteCuyuna Scout CampTrek Through Time