Learn about the Lodge Chief – Kael Keilwitz

Hello Arrowmen of Section G11, my name is Kael Keilwitz. I am an Eagle Scout and the current Lodge Chief for Ka’Niss Ma’Ingan Lodge which spans from Western Michigan to Northwestern Minnesota. I am currently majoring in computer science at Bemidji State University. Outside of scouting, I spend a lot of time fishing, camping, and engaging in other outdoor activities. I have also been dedicating a lot of time towards an internship at the Bemidji Fire Department which may turn into a future career.


I’ve always strived to climb in life. I’ve always wanted to go higher and do as much as I can for others by maximizing my abilities and my impact on the world. Upon induction into the Order, I knew I wanted to become a part of the family I saw in front of me. A few months into my membership, the lodge’s secretary stepped down and I was chosen to step into the vacancy. After missing next to zero OA events over my years, I met more and more people and got to see more and more places. I started to want to become a leader of the organization to whatever capacity I was able. After a term as my lodge’s Vice Chief of Communications, I was elected to the position of Lodge Chief where I now lead our lodge. Some of the goals I have for this year include having a 25 member contingent at NOAC (nearly 3 times our 2022 contingent), improving our lodge communications, keeping our lodge in the high-performing category, and getting more of my lodge involved in lodge leadership than ever before.

When asked on what advice he would give to any arrowmen reading, Kael had this to say. Whether you think you want to stay at the Chapter level, or become the National Chief, you should become active at the Lodge Level. Show up to the monthly Lodge Meeting/LEC. Even if it doesn’t sound like much, even just showing up to those meetings and bringing friends with you is a greater help than you know.
I would rather not be seen anywhere else than in Boulder at NOAC 2024. I will be staffing the event, most likely serving on the communications committee, meaning I will most likely be found all over campus taking pictures and helping out however I’m able. I hope to see all of you there!


Kael Keilwitz